Diptic Video Deployment 

Before Apple provided TestFlight as a pre-release distribution mechanism, I designed and developed custom distribution landing pages for beta copies of our applications.

One in particular that I gave some extra flair to was for our Diptic Video app. Originally called Diptic VHS due to the likeness of the content created by the app and that of homemade VHS tapes of the 80's and 90's — mostly short vignettes spruced up by minimal video editing.

The distribution page was originally a PHP page that incorporated HTTP Authentication (.htaccess & .htpasswd) to manage user authentication. The HTML document includes some fun dynamic images, custom fonts, and javascript to prep the user for the awesome experience of the app that follows. It also includes minor usage of the Web Speech API when clicking the Download button for a tiny surprise message for the user.

The site has been archived.

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