SMS Tool

The"SMS Tool" was created as a way for Qwest Account Managers to send account information, service updates, and marketing communications directly to customers in a short and personal manner to their smartphones.

Overview: The Qwest Account Management team was interested in improving their client communication and contracted Peak Systems to come up with creative solutions to achieve better customer satisfaction. I lead the project by investigating possible technical solutions, interviewing users (Account Managers), designing user interface comps, building html templates, and writing the functional specification. I also managed the development implementation and release of the tool and assisted in creation of the training material used by the Account teams.

Results: A streamlined notification tool was created for Qwest to send timely and personal text messages to their customers.

Role: IA, UX Design, Prototyping, Functional Specification Writing, Interviews & Research, HTML, Project Management

After interviewing with both the team (Account Managers) whom would use the tool and their management team, I researched technical solutions for SMS communication that would work with their existing infrastructure and began writing user stories for the account manager's interactions with customers.

I then created mockups in Balsamiq that provided a simple and effective way for users to create common communications easily with the ability to add personal info pertaining to their customer.

As the tool was to be used solely on a corporate intranet, I mocked up the standard templates used at the time to incorporate the basic functionality of the tool and conform to existing design patterns.

I then took the templates designs and built out various options for message composition based on the available data at the time of sending. These were vanilla HTML available for re-use in the final implementation.

Throughout the project lifecycle, I consulted with different business units to ensure the end product was in compliance with corporate messaging policies, had appropriate reporting functionality built-in, and was the most cost effective solution for the business.

The below images detail some of the compliance and tracking functionality added to the tool.

At the end, an all encompassing text notification tool was created for our client that provided a way for the client to gauge the viability of this channel of communication with their customers.

As a bonus, we were able to repurpose the technology used internally for server monitoring and notifications.

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