PM Dashboard Visualizations

Leadership and PM teams were in need of better insights into project health and activities. I designed, prototyped, and built a project management dashboard that extended the reporting capabilities of a legacy time management system to provide easily digestable statuses at a glance.

I built working dashboards for senior management and project managers to effectively manage their projects by scraping legacy system HTML and consolidating datapoints into useful charts. The tool is used by senior leadership and project managers as part of their project assessment and monthly review routines.


- User Research / Interviews
- Sketching
- Rapid Prototyping w/ Real Data
- Development


Version 1

The original version of the dashboard was built in PHP.  I wrote a DOM scraping routine to parse the old time management system and store the important values in a json file. I then prototyped and developed a front-end web application in bootstrap using real data from the system.

I shared this prototype with the project management team and collected their feedback.

I met with them and asked questions about the tool, what they need to know and when, and how their lives could be made easier.  I showed them the tool with their own projects and watched them interact with it and discussed their thoughts.

Using insights from their usage of the prototype, I revised the presentation of information to surface what is most important.

v1 Toolkit: PHP, Bash, Cron, Git, Bootstrap

Version 2

The original version of the tool is still in use today as it provides the best way to do high level assessments of project health and to review time entries.  Having been in use to become part of routine, additional features grew out of users needs.

Based on user feedback, I created a new version of the dashboard to show more granular data in realtime.

While the previous version showed project trajectory at a high level, it did not effectively communicate the daily burn rate and would also not scale to update throughout a day to show current progression.

To address these new problems, I created an additional realtime view into the project details. 

This time, instead of parsing, generating JSON, and storing it locally on disk for the day, I wrote a middle-layer app that is used to request bits and pieces of the total picture on-the-fly.

This is used by a new front-end built in Vue.JS and Bootstrap that queries for new data in realtime when user makes changes to their selection.

v2 Toolkit: PHP, Vue.JS, JSON, Bootstrap, D3, GIT, Heroku

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