Move Your App

An app that tracks your daily inactivity and reminds you to get up and move your app! 

Overview: Research shows that sitting for extended periods time (like you do if you work in an office) can be detrimental to your health. However, you can offset this by taking regular walking breaks. I managed the design and development of an app to assist in reducing extended blocks of sedentary.

Results: The app launched in August 2014 as a paid "iPhone application in the iOS App Store and went through minor revisions until the app was sherlocked

Role: Product Management, Web Development


  • Ideation
  • Research
  • Design Requirements
  • Testing
  • Release

Leveraging some existing design assets and HTML templates on hand, I built out a landing page to explain the concept and lead users to the app store.


In March of 2015, Apple released their “Activity” app to complement the Apple Watch’s health tracking capabilities. While the metrics gleaned from the Watch are more granular, there are strong similarities between 1.0 Activity’s UI as well as the notifications to stand that both apps share.

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